Beter Bed Holding

CSR report 2015

Tone at the top

For Beter Bed Holding and its subsidiaries, corporate social responsibility means making a positive contribution to the society in which they operate. This contribution will be shaped by factors such as compliance with legislation and regulations, and a conscious and respectful approach to stakeholders' concerns at all times.

The general code of conduct goes into further detail about what corporate responsibility means for Beter Bed Holding. These principles are reflected in the company's culture, meaning standards and values as well as conduct, and are enshrined in procedure within the organisation where possible. Every employee must commit to the rules stipulated in this code of conduct. The supplier code of conduct is a more elaborate version of the general code of conduct. Both codes of conduct are aligned with the United Nations Global Compact Code.

The general principles are as follows:

  • Beter Bed Holding adheres to all legislation and regulations in force in every country in which it operates.
  • We support and respect human rights in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • We do not work with organisations that breach human rights or allow child labour.
  • We also expect our business partners to pay their employees in accordance with the legislation and regulations in force in their country. Under no circumstances may employees be discriminated against, exploited or perform forced labour. Freedom of association of employees must be ensured.
  • Our partners must ensure a safe workplace and healthy working environment is provided.
  • Every relationship that we maintain with third parties is built on fairness, honesty, integrity and openness.

The Supervisory Board and Management Board endorse the principles for good corporate governance, as described in the Dutch Corporate Governance Code that sets out the best practice provisions from the Tabaksblat Code. In Beter Bed Holding's Corporate Governance Code the company states for each best practice provision whether Beter Bed Holding complies with it. If the company does not comply or only partially complies with a best practice provision, it is accompanied by an explanation (in the last column).

Beter Bed Holding has a whistleblowers policy in place for its staff. There are also different complaints procedures within the organisation for the various formulas (both internally for employees and externally for customers and/or other stakeholders).