Beter Bed Holding

CSR report 2015


The trust of customers is of vital concern to the reputation and raison d'être of Beter Bed Holding. Customers should be able to trust that the products they buy are safe and that any advice and after-care is fair and accurate.

Customers' health and safety

The health and satisfaction of the customers of the individual store formulas of Beter Bed Holding are the foundations of the policy and activity of the company. The aim is for 80% of the mattresses in the total range and at all formulas of Beter Bed Holding to have been tested and certified in 2016. In 2015, 83% of mattresses in terms of revenue was tested for hazardous substances and certified. The target will be raised further.

Beter Bed Holding has concluded a contract with the consumer testing agency TÜV Saarland so as to further professionalise the testing and certification process and increase the reliability of its results.

Customer satisfaction

In Germany, the quality of services provided by Matratzen Concord was tested by TÜV Saarland, which asked consumers to rate them. With a rating of 1.9 (GUT), Matratzen Concord was ranked first in the bedroom furnishings retail sector.

Since mid-2014, customer satisfaction in the Netherlands is measured on the basis of the Net Promoter Score (NPS), as part of which customers are asked to rate the service provided by Beter Bed. They are also invited to state their opinions in brief reviews.

Beter Bed sets great store by honest communication in sales processes. Highly motivated and trained staff provide expert advice. Customers also highly appreciate the image of the stores, the price/quality ratio, the service and guarantees.

The company again managed to maintain the high level of its services in the Netherlands in 2015. More than 98% of ‘first time right’ deliveries were made, i.e. deliveries were complete and to customers’ full satisfaction on the first attempt. Packaging material is collected after delivery and for a small fee, old mattresses are taken in and recycled by Van Gansewinkel.

The higher the quality of advice, products and customer after-care, the smaller the chance of any complaints. Whenever a customer is not fully satisfied despite our best endeavours, they may make a complaint to the formula's service desk (by phone, email or Facebook). Every complaint received by a Beter Bed Holding formula is treated seriously. There have been no complaints about breach of privacy since Beter Bed Holding does not share confidential customer data with third parties without the customer's consent.